Product Description

This terrain set includes the following:

  • two ruined nave base pieces
  • one ruined church/chancel base piece
  • two ruined nave pieces with roofs attached
  • one ruined church/chancel top pieces

Holy stones worn by the whispers of prayer and bloodshed—welcome to the Ruined Nave and Chancel, an awe-inspiring set that forms a dilapidated church when paired with the Ruined Bell Tower & Sept. This 3D printable terrain piece is a haunting echo of what was once a sanctuary, now inviting adventurers and warriors to explore its depths and perhaps rekindle its sanctity—or further defile it.

Artistic Details:
From shattered stained glass to crumbling altars, every piece of the Ruined Nave and Chancel tells a story. The textures of weathered stone, the remnants of frescoes, and signs of vandalism or hurried fortification all add to its complex narrative, making it not just a backdrop but a character in your games.

Multiple Levels for Dynamic Gameplay:
Strategically designed with multiple tiers, this set provides the verticality that enriches tactical choices. Whether its acrobatic thieves leaping from balcony to balcony, or clerics seeking an old relic in the hidden corners of the chancel, the different levels cater to a multitude of gameplay options.

The 28mm scale ensures that it perfectly accommodates standard tabletop miniatures, allowing for precise movement and combat calculations. Built with modularity in mind, it combines seamlessly with the Ruined Bell Tower & Sept to complete a scene of holy devastation, but stands strong as a gameplay element on its own. Crafted for a spectrum of tabletop wargames and role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, and Pathfinder, the Ruined Nave and Chancel provides an immersive environment that caters to diverse narratives and strategic gameplay.

Narrative Potential:
The somber aura of a ruined church offers unlimited potential for storytelling. Whether it serves as a haven against dark forces, a contested objective in a military skirmish, or a cursed ground haunted by unspeakable evils, the Ruined Nave and Chancel give you a vivid setting for dramatic conflicts and resolutions.

With the Ruined Nave and Chancel, your tabletop games will gain not only an architectural masterpiece but also a multi-layered battleground teeming with both tactical and narrative possibilities. In this sacred ruin, write new sagas of courage, villainy, and maybe—just maybe—redemption.

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