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We had this idea to do a "Last 100 Guardsmen" campaign where a player takes on the challenge of seeing how many of his 100 guardsmen can survive a horrible experience on a daemon world.

It will be procedurally generated (i.e. the missions are random), with the goal of getting off the planet with as many guardsmen as possible.  Any models that are killed stay dead, meaning that each mission will have less and less guardsmen, but the threat will go up and up.

We're hoping to use this help raise some money.  We had the idea to sell spots in the platoon.  In other words you could buy one of the guardsmen and have it named after you, with a special mention when you die (or survive in the end), and how you die.

Maybe we'll do that in the future, but I'd like to offer something for you guys anyways.

So here's the deal:  If you make any purchase here and then forward me the receipt at and tell me your name (or username, or whatever you want to be called), we'll add you to the list!

However, the sooner you make a purchase the higher rank you receive, in this order:

1st purchase - Platoon Leader
2nd - 9th purchase - Sergeant of a Squad
10th purchase - Bullgryn Bone Head
11th+ purchase (until we run out) - special weapons
Everybody after that - regular guardsmen

It doesn't matter how big the purchase is.  It can be some digital STL files for 3D printing, magnets, terrain, movement trays, bases, anything!  Obviously this will help support us and fund this campaign.

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Customer Reviews

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Carl Boyd
Great Idea

i love the work they do and ill gladly help out if i can :D

Sam Passmore
Loved this idea

Really clever idea would do this again

Andreas Bachmann
Worth every cent! Would totally buy again!

Love the idea of helping to finance your story campaigns this way and I am happy to be a part of it.

Sean McMannamy

I will give my life in his service.