Product Description

This terrain set comes with the following pieces:

  • one curved piece with a statue
  • one curved piece with a tree
  • one plain curved piece
  • one right-angle corner piece with a statue
  • one plain right-angle corner piece
  • one square corner post
  • one small rectangular piece with branches
  • one small rectangular piece with a statue
  • one small rectangular piece
  • one large rectangular piece with branches
  • one plain large rectangular piece
  • one large rectangular piece with a statue

Overview: Wander into the heart of the mysterious Hedge Maze, where adventure and intrigue await at every turn. Every hedge, every path, and every corner holds a secret, making this set a quintessential addition to any tabletop experience. Whether your heroes are hunting a beast, seeking an artifact, or simply lost, the maze is the ultimate playground for thrilling narratives.

Detail and Craftsmanship: Carved with precision, each wall of the maze captures the essence of an age-old, manicured garden, left untouched for centuries. This 3D printable scatter terrain offers depth and realism, with meticulously designed foliage and pathways that beckon adventurers closer.

Versatility and Gameplay: The beauty of The Hedge Maze lies not just in its appearance but also in its modular design. Reconfigure the sections at will to unveil new challenges and stories for every session, ensuring no two games are ever the same.

And when you crave a touch of arcane atmosphere? Integrate the Arcanist’s Stone Walls and the towering Arcanist’s Tower. Together, they create a formidable garden puzzle, challenging adventurers to navigate the labyrinthine greenery before they can confront the enigmatic wizard lurking in the shadows of his sanctum.

Compatibility: Tailored for a multitude of games, including Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Gloomhaven, Frostgrave, and Warhammer, this set adds layers of strategy and excitement. The possibilities are endless—craft intense chase scenes, stealthy escapes, or eerie moonlit encounters.

Dive into The Hedge Maze and let the labyrinthine challenges unfold. Remember: the journey through is as important as the destination.

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