Product Description

This terrain set includes the following:

  • one Feywild Bower tree trunk/base
  • one Feywild Bower cabin level
  • one Feywild Bower roof
  • three cabin doors


Step into an otherworldly realm with the Feywild Bower, an intricately designed 3D-printable tree-house for all your tabletop wargaming and role-playing experiences. Infused with the captivating beauty and mystique of the Feywild, this multi-level structure offers a perfect setting for magical escapades, thrilling battles, and intricate role-playing scenarios.


  • Hinged Doors: The functional design extends to the doors, which open and close seamlessly, allowing easy access to the interiors.

  • Multi-level Design: Spread across multiple levels, this terrain piece offers a dynamic vertical play area for more strategic depth and tactical complexity.

  • Removable Roofs: Designed for ease of play, the roofs are removable to offer a clear view of each level and facilitate miniature placement.

Gameplay Implications:

  • Tactical Engagement: The vertical element adds a new layer of tactical richness. Use the high vantage points for ranged attacks, or employ the hidden nooks for unexpected ambushes.

  • Narrative Opportunities: Imagine your heroes or villains meeting an ancient archfey or forging an important alliance in this Feywild locale. The magical aesthetic lends itself to endless storytelling possibilities.

  • Interactive Environment: The hinged doors and removable roofs make it easier for players to interact with the environment, setting the stage for more engaging and immersive gameplay.

Setting the Scene:

Situated in the heart of the enchanted Feywild realm, the Feywild Bower can serve multiple roles—be it a mysterious refuge, a secret meeting place, or a challenging battleground. Its organic design and intricate detailing make it suitable for quests involving ancient lore, mystical beings, or the very essence of magic itself.

Final Thoughts:

The Feywild Bower is an exciting addition for anyone looking to enrich their gaming terrain with a piece that brings together both artistic flair and gameplay functionality. Whether you're battling fierce foes or uncovering magical secrets, this ethereal dwelling adds a layer of unforgettable charm to your gaming landscape.

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