Warhammer The Old World: A New Adventure with Old Problems

Hey, MiniWarGaming community! Matthew Glanfield here, excited to chat about something that's got the wargaming world buzzing: the epic return of Warhammer Fantasy, now rebranded as Warhammer The Old World. Essentially the 9th edition of Warhammer Fantasy, this reboot is here to revive the epic battles and deep lore we all know and love. But, as with any great saga, there's a twist in the tale – the dreaded change in base sizes for over 80% of the miniatures!

The Base Size Shake-Up

Games Workshop has thrown a curveball with The Old World by altering the base sizes on most miniatures. For those of us with a well-established collection, this means the monumental task of rebasing hundreds or even thousands of miniatures. Let’s face it, the thought of spending hours carefully removing and rebasing our beloved figures is enough to make anyone groan.

Enter the Heroes: Movement Tray Converters

Before you start pulling your hair out, let me introduce you to our latest lifesaver: movement tray converters. These nifty tools are the answer to our base size woes, offering a clever solution to keep our old miniatures in play without all the hassle of rebasing.

Why You’ll Love Movement Tray Converters

  1. Time-Saver Extraordinaire: Forget spending hours hunched over your desk, prying miniatures off their old bases. Our movement tray converters let you keep your models as they are, saving you a ton of precious hobby time.

  2. Budget-Friendly: Rebasing an army can cost a small fortune. Instead, our converters provide a cost-effective way to adapt your miniatures without breaking the bank.

  3. Miniature Integrity: Prying miniatures off their bases is a risky business, often leading to damage. Our converters let you keep your figures intact, avoiding any unnecessary breakages or repairs.

  4. Easy Transition: Our movement tray converters are designed to fit miniatures on their old size bases inside them, effectively resizing them to the new standards required by The Old World. They act as both the movement tray and the base extender, providing a seamless transition for your models.

How They Work

Our movement tray converters are designed to accommodate your existing miniatures, allowing them to fit snugly inside. This way, they not only provide the correct base size but also function as a movement tray, making your life a whole lot easier. No more fiddling with glue and clippers – just place your miniatures inside the converters, and you’re good to go!

Get Your Converters Today!

Ready to make the switch? Head over to MiniWarGaming Forge and check out our range of movement tray converters. Whether you’re looking for STL files to print your own or preprinted products ready to go, we’ve got you covered.


The return of Warhammer Fantasy as The Old World is an exciting development, but the change in base sizes can feel like a daunting hurdle. Luckily, our movement tray converters offer a playful yet professional solution, ensuring you can enjoy the new game without the headache of rebasing. Save time, save money, and keep your miniatures intact – what’s not to love?

Join us in embracing this new era of Warhammer with ease and style. Visit MiniWarGaming Forge today and get your movement tray converters. Let’s dive into The Old World, one base at a time!

Happy wargaming, folks!

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